Person stares out into the world with a look of sadness

Resilience, Realistic Hope, and Allyship: A Compassionate Approach to Transgender and Gender Diversity

Introduction We are all familiar with the phrase “It Gets Better.” This mantra often offers a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel during personal transformation and acceptance. This saying, while powerful, may not fully capture the realities faced by many transgender and gender-diverse individuals. While...
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A blind person faces the camera

Reframing Our Language: Practical Strategies to Eliminate Ableist Phrases

Laying the Foundation: Embracing Allyship and Unlearning Ableist Conditioning Our journey towards a more inclusive society necessitates introspection, learning, and unlearning. As we navigate these processes, we must clearly understand the social constructs we seek to challenge and the language we use to describe them. This blog post aims to...
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The Underrepresented Side of Pride: Standing with Trans* and Nonbinary Individuals Amidst Increased Scrutiny

Understanding Pride Month: Celebration, Inclusion, and Challenge Pride Month, celebrated annually in June, is pivotal for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a time when the whole world sees, hears, and acknowledges the rich diversity within this community, a time when love is celebrated in all its myriad forms. However, amidst the...
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The word allies is written out in a rainbow of colours

Understanding Sex, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Orientation: An Empathic Guide for Allies

Introduction Understanding the intricate concepts of sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation is critical to fostering inclusivity and empathy in our society. However, a significant barrier to this understanding is the presumption that these concepts fit neatly into a binary model. This binary world is populated by...
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The word banned appears in red letters

Navigating the Unseen Crisis: An Urgent Plea for Transgender Allyship

As a compassionate member of our shared society, I must bring an unsettling reality to your attention. A reality that many in our society have overlooked is the escalating discrimination and aggression toward the transgender community. Transgender individuals are some of our society’s most resilient people, persevering amidst a tumultuous...
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Two people walking together outside

Pronouns Matter: An Ally’s Guide to Understanding and Supporting Trans*, Nonbinary, and Gender-Expansive Individuals

Introduction to Pronouns and Allyship If you have found yourself here, it indicates that you are interested in learning how to become a more effective ally to trans*, nonbinary, and gender-expansive individuals. This is a commendable pursuit! In this blog post, we will explore the crucial role of pronouns and...
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Friends stacking hands outdoors

Championing Change: How Allies Can Positively Impact Transgender Rights and Representation

In a world where transgender individuals often face significant challenges and discrimination, the importance of allies who are co-conspirators cannot be overstated. As someone who has personally experienced the tremendous support of such allies over the years, I can attest to the incredible impact they have on the lives of...
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