Disability Justice
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Weaving Flames of Liberation: A Manifesto for the Resilient

In the silent eloquence of our survival, in the loud testimonies of our pain, lies the truth I have come to know. A truth as subversive as it is liberating, for it defies the very foundations of a system draped in privilege, a system that whispers incessantly, “You cannot,” with...
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Reframing Our Language: Practical Strategies to Eliminate Ableist Phrases

Laying the Foundation: Embracing Allyship and Unlearning Ableist Conditioning Our journey towards a more inclusive society necessitates introspection, learning, and unlearning. As we navigate these processes, we must clearly understand the social constructs we seek to challenge and the language we use to describe them. This blog post aims to...
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The Rarely Understood Intersectional Journey: A Guide to Navigating Disability and Gender Transition in Ableist Times

Exploring the Intersectionality of Disability and Gender Transition: An Introduction Welcome. Today, we’re delving into a topic of vital importance that often remains overlooked—the intersectionality between disability and gender transition. To those who may be encountering this term for the first time, “intersectionality” refers to the interconnectedness of social identities...
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A blind person accesses a Braille display on a computer keyboard

Towards a More Accessible Digital World: Reflections from an Online Therapist on the 12th Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Introduction: The Power of Adaptive Technology If you could witness me typing at lightning speed, reading through stacks of articles, or diligently attending to my clients in my online therapy practice, you might not guess that I’ve grappled with low vision my entire life. So what are the tools that...
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From Intersectionality to Collective Liberation: Unpacking the Disability Justice Principles by Sins Invalid

My Personal Encounter with Discrimination and the Beacon of Hope: Disability Justice As a visually impaired individual, my life has been a journey through a world not designed for me. From navigating the complexities of the education system to facing discrimination in the workplace, I’ve grappled with a multitude of...
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