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Genuine, enthusiastic, and sincere online therapists dedicated to providing empathic and attuned mental health support for adults and teens throughout BC and across Canada.

Meet Our Warmhearted Therapists

As a close-knit team of three highly skilled therapists, we provide telehealth-based psychotherapy, clinical counselling, and art therapy for adults and teens. Our services are accessible throughout BC (with Audrey and Camber) and across Canada (with Clayre), offering supportive and affirming care tailored to the unique needs of our clients, their partners, and their families.

We're Experienced Therapists Within the Queer & Trans Community

Welcome to our team of like-minded therapists, united by our strong commitment to supporting our near and dear community. Each of us has a rich history of working with both queer and trans teens and adults, bringing a wide range of experiences and shared values to our collaboration and our individual clinical practices. Audrey, with her background in youth leadership at Qmunity and her impactful work at Trans Care BC, brings a wealth of experience in nurturing and empowering teens. Clayre’s journey included meaningful work at Vancouver Friends for Life Society, offering support to queer folks navigating life-threatening illnesses, highlighting the importance of compassion and deep care. Together with Camber, who also shares a background as a bodyworker and yoga teacher, we have cultivated a deep understanding and appreciation for the intersection of physical wellbeing and mental health. All of us have worked with neurodivergent individuals throughout our careers. Our collective experiences have not only shaped our individual paths but have firmly united us in our mission to provide empathetic, affirming, and attuned mental health care for our queer and trans neighbours. Join us in creating a space where your identities and expressions are honoured; your voice is heard, understood, and valued; and your journey towards healing and empowerment is intrinsically supported.

Are you ready to be supported by a therapist who commits to understanding and appreciating your journey? To begin a path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment alongside a professional who’s fiercely dedicated to your mental health and wellbeing?

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Your journey toward mental health starts here. Reach out to us, and let’s transform hope into action together.

Profile pic of queer and trans therapist Audrey Wolfe, RCC

Online Therapy for Teens & Adults

Audrey Wolfe, RCC (she/they) brings two decades of dedicated service to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community into her practice, enveloping teens and adults in a space marked by understanding and acceptance. As a queer and trans woman herself, Audrey intertwines anti-oppression, relational, and feminist perspectives to navigate the intricate paths of queer and trans joy, mental wellness, and trauma recovery. With wisdom and authenticity, she provides empathic support that celebrates your unique journey towards restoration, reclamation, and liberation. Collaborate with Audrey for a compassionate partnership in healing, crafted from the collective wisdom and deep care that keeps emerging from our community.

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Somatic Experiencing for Adults

Camber Giberson, RCC, CCC (he/him) approaches therapy with a heart-centered dedication, offering a compassionate, grounded, and practical roadmap to navigating life’s hurdles. As a queer man and trauma-informed therapist, he embodies an active, judgment-free collaboration that enriches your well-being. Specializing in neurodivergence and 2SLGBTQIA+ affirmative care, Camber integrates somatic and mindfulness practices to foster lasting transformation. His work is a testament to living boldly and meaningfully, grounded in the belief that healing is an act of profound courage and self-love. With Camber, embark on a therapeutic journey to rediscover joy, resilience, and authentic self-expression.

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Gender-Affirming Therapy for Adults

Clayre Sessoms, RP, RCT, RCC, CCC, ATR-P (she/they), with lived experience and clinical expertise, offers a safe and welcoming space for growth, healing, and change. Specializing in gender-affirming care, Clayre applies trauma therapy, EMDR, and somatic techniques with a gentle, personable approach to help trans*, nonbinary, and gender-expansive adults. Rooted in 2SLGBTQIA+ advocacy and disability justice, Clayre’s practice is a testament to the power of nurturing wisdom, empathy, and dedicated support. Working with Clayre, rediscover the hope within you, realign with your true self, and envision a future where you thrive, living a life that resonates with your deepest values and fills you with pride.

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Therapeutic Frameworks

Body-centred Approach

Rooted in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) and Somatic Experiencing (SE), which includes body and mind in trauma healing. Clayre’s SP enhances awareness and agency, and Camber’s SE fosters resilience and equilibrium, nurturing a deep, embodied recovery process.

Gender Freedom Model

The Gender Freedom Model (McDaniel, 2021) focuses on Play, Pleasure, and Possibility to support TGNB and questioning folks with practical skills that promote pride and pleasure through a strengths-based, evidence-supported approach for a positive gender transition.

Trauma-informed Care

Building on the Trauma-Informed Stabilization Technique by Dr. Janina Fisher, we help you identify the ongoing impacts of past harm. We help you develop new coping strategies that forge a pathway toward stabilization and healing through compassionate and responsive care.

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Online Therapy

Essential Session Information


Your therapy sessions may be booked online. This requires you to create a free Jane App account.


We meet weekly or bi-weekly. Due to high demand, we have a limited number of monthly spots.


The full session fee is required when canceling or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your session.


We issue receipts by email for you to submit for reimbursement. We do not directly bill insurers.


$175+ per 50-minute session for adults and teens (13+). The fee varies by practitioner.

Low-cost Therapy

25% of our practice is low-cost, and our waitlist is full. View our resources page for low-barrier options.


Embracing your authentic self isn't just a step but a transformative leap towards a more fulfilling life. With warmth and empathy, we'll guide you to embrace your unique qualities and strengths, fostering a deeper connection with your true essence. This journey will illuminate your aspirations, values, and passions, laying the groundwork for a purpose-driven life. By embracing your authenticity, you'll open doors to possibilities, empowering you to thrive and forge meaningful connections with others.

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