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Share information about local and online events, celebrations, support groups, and community resources for transgender adults seeking connection, support, and camaraderie.

Queer couple playing at the beach

Building Your 2SLGBTQIA+ Family: A New Online Support Group to Support Parents During Adoption

As a trans and queer parent myself, I know the profound joy of building a family, but also the unique challenges we face. Navigating a system that may not always be affirming, encountering microaggressions, and seeking truly supportive spaces can feel isolating. That’s why I’m excited to share Expanding Your...
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Embracing Authenticity: Celebrating National Coming Out Day 2023

National Coming Out Day is a day to celebrate authenticity and the LGBTQ+ community. It is a day when individuals are encouraged to share their sexual orientation or gender identity with others, and to live their lives openly and honestly. Coming out can be a challenging process, but it is...
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Person holding a rainbow-coloured hand fan at an outdoor Pride festival

Bringing Our Communities Together for East Side Pride 2023

Celebrating East Side Pride at Grandview Park Welcome to the 2023 Vancouver Pride Season kickoff with East Side Pride! A vibrant celebration of diversity and unity, East Side Pride is more than just a parade and festival – it’s an affirmation of our shared commitment to fostering an inclusive society...
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June 12 Commemoration: Honouring Pulse’s Legacy and the Rekindling Our Fight for Justice and Peace

A Time to Remember: Pulse Night and the Continued Fight for Change On a summer night in 2016, an unspeakable tragedy struck the city of Orlando, Florida. Pulse nightclub, a vibrant hub for the LGBTQ+ community, was the scene of a horrifying act of violence that forever marked it in...
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A hand touches a doorknob to open the door to the outside world

The Underrepresented Side of Pride: Standing with Trans* and Nonbinary Individuals Amidst Increased Scrutiny

Understanding Pride Month: Celebration, Inclusion, and Challenge Pride Month, celebrated annually in June, is pivotal for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a time when the whole world sees, hears, and acknowledges the rich diversity within this community, a time when love is celebrated in all its myriad forms. However, amidst the...
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The Dangers of Rainbow-Washing: Confronting Superficial LGBTQ+ Allyship from Capitalism to Slacktivism

Rainbow Deception: Unraveling Corporate and Public Rainbow-Washing Amidst Pride Month Celebrations As June announces its arrival, the corporate landscape undergoes a striking transformation. Marketing strategies are suddenly flush with vibrant optimism, design departments are resuscitated with electrifying colour palettes, and finance specialists vigorously project potential profits from this technicolour season....
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An indigenous woman places her hands onto the bark of a cedar tree

Celebrating Indigenous History and Learning from the Past: National Indigenous History Month

June is a significant month in Canada. National Indigenous History Month is a period set aside for recognition, celebration, and education. This time is dedicated to honouring the cultures, histories, and enduring contributions of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples. We also commemorate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June...
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LGBT Pride Month 2023 with the colours of the Progress Pride Flag in the background

The Journey of Pride: A Celebration of Queer Joy and Resilience

June is upon us, and it ushers in a vibrant month-long celebration that dances across the spectrum of human experience—Pride Month. This special time of the year invites us to reflect, learn, share, and, most importantly, celebrate the rich history, the poignant struggles, the notable victories, and the undeniable vitality...
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The word banned appears in red letters

Navigating the Unseen Crisis: An Urgent Plea for Transgender Allyship

As a compassionate member of our shared society, I must bring an unsettling reality to your attention. A reality that many in our society have overlooked is the escalating discrimination and aggression toward the transgender community. Transgender individuals are some of our society’s most resilient people, persevering amidst a tumultuous...
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Pansexual pride flag on glitter texture

Celebrating Pansexuality and Panromantic Awareness Day: A Guide for Allies

Setting the Stage: A Prelude to Understanding Pansexuality and Panromanticism Definition of Pansexuality and Panromanticism Pansexuality and panromanticism are two related but distinct concepts within the diverse spectrum of sexual and romantic orientations. To be pansexual is to have a sexual attraction not limited by gender or gender identity. This...
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