I’m Clayre Sessoms, a registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver, BC. I provide telehealth-based counselling to adults and older youth located throughout Western Canada.


This is an affirming practice for 2SLGBTQQIA+ individuals and their partners, families, friends, and allies. Whether you’re facing life’s biggest questions or you simply want to get unstuck, you’re welcomed here.

My community matters to me.


As a former sexual assault counsellor at a rape crisis centre and a Trauma-Informed Stabilization Technique-trained psychotherapist, I offer evidence-based interventions that aim to decrease suffering.

Here's one way we lessen suffering.

Online Therapy

This is by choice a telehealth-based therapy practice that serves individuals who cannot easily travel to downtown Vancouver. I provide PIPEDA-compliant counselling sessions through Jane App or by phone.

Meeting online keeps us safe.

Feel like yourself again & live your most authentic life

Hi, my name is Clayre Sessoms and I’m an RCC #18118, a CCC #10006504, and a CT #2035. I’m a mental health professional in private practice from Vancouver, BC. Registered with both BC and Alberta regulatory bodies, I provide 2SLGBTQQIA+ counselling that celebrates gender diversity and explores healing of mind and body.

It’s no question that your earliest experiences shape your life, and my work as a therapist aims to provide you with powerful neurobiologically-informed insights into thoughts and feelings that are accessible and easy to understand. A critical aim of our work together involves rekindling your relationships with worthiness and compassion to help recalibrate your responses to uncomfortable circumstances, situations, and relationships. 

Have you ever asked “Why did I do that?” or “Why can’t I control my behavior?” Others may judge your reactions and think, “What’s wrong with you?” When questioning your responses to experiences, it’s easy to place blame on yourself; holding yourself and those around you to an impossible standard. In the work we do together, we learn to shift questioning from “What’s wrong with me?” to “What happened to me?” and “How do I feel about it, now?”

You may learn how to create this shift by sharing stories from your past or simply taking note of how you feel in the present moment as you think about a past experience. Together we consider how the brain processes the past and how the body holds onto past harm. We collaborate to begin to explore the deeper roots of our pain and suffering. And we discover new ways to acknowledge pain and lessen suffering throughout our work together.

Clayre Sessoms, MCP-AT, RCC, CCC, CT

2SLGBTQQIA-centred therapy

I aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for clients who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, pan, trans, Two Spriit, queer, intersex, asexual, nonbinary, agender or any other marginalized gender or sexual orientation. Wherever you''ve landed in life, I'm here to help.

An ethical practice

I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #18118) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. This means I’ve met the highest education and practicum training standards in BC. It also means I govern myself and my online therapy practice according to BCACC’s codes of conduct and ethics. Visit BC-Counsellors.org for details.

A body-centred approach

Formerly a massage therapist for more than two decades, I’ve cultivated a keen interest in how the body alleviates psychological issues. That’s what motivated me to learn Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®. I’ve completed advanced studies in trauma and dissociation. Now I’m working on certification with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.

The Details


50-minute counselling sessions may be booked by visiting my online booking page and selecting a time that works well for you. 


Many insurance providers provide counselling benefits. Ask your insurer if they cover counselling by RCC- or CCC-designated professionals.


24-hours notice is required for rescheduling and cancellations. Failure to give 24-hours notice or not showing up will require the full session fee.


Please pay by e-transfer or credit card before the start of your online therapy session. Once payment is received a receipt will be emailed to you.


$200 is the standard fee for a 50-minute counselling session for individuals. Payment must be received in advance to confirm your booking.

Reduced Rates

My waitlist for reduced-fee counselling sessions is now closed. View my local resources page for other low-cost or free counselling options.

Let's get started

Call 778-302-3187 or contact me through this website to explore the opportunity to work together in ways that strengthen your mental health