Personal Growth and Resilience

Highlight stories and techniques for personal growth and resilience-building, with a focus on overcoming adversity and challenges specific to transgender individuals.

A person in a dress hides behind a mirror

Weaving Flames of Liberation: A Manifesto for the Resilient

In the silent eloquence of our survival, in the loud testimonies of our pain, lies the truth I have come to know. A truth as subversive as it is liberating, for it defies the very foundations of a system draped in privilege, a system that whispers incessantly, “You cannot,” with...
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What does hope mean (and not mean) to us?

In our collective psyche, hope is often revered as a beacon of optimism in an uncertain world, a lifeline we’re encouraged to grasp, even in the darkest times. From a tender age, we’re taught to “be hopeful,” “never give up hope,” and that “there is always room for hope.” Society...
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A person in a dress hides behind a mirror

Embracing the Unveiled Self: The Journey to Authenticity for Trans* and Queer People

Introduction In recognition of Pride Month 2023, we turn our attention to the words of Alexander Leon, a renowned LGBTQ activist and writer in the UK. In one of his tweets, Leon encapsulated a shared reality, stating, “Queer people don’t grow up as ourselves. We grow up playing a version...
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Resilience, Realistic Hope, and Allyship: A Compassionate Approach to Transgender and Gender Diversity

Introduction We are all familiar with the phrase “It Gets Better.” This mantra often offers a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel during personal transformation and acceptance. This saying, while powerful, may not fully capture the realities faced by many transgender and gender-diverse individuals. While...
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Embracing the Journey: Cultivating Confidence and Self-Esteem as a Trans* Individual

Finding Your Path: My Journey Towards Self-Acceptance and Confidence A Personal Tale: From the Shy Kid to an Empowered Woman I know the struggles of being different and the fear that engulfs you when you cannot express yourself. Growing up as a shy kid in the rural reaches of the...
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Group of queer teens celebrating Pride.

Another Deadass Glossary: A Fun Guide for Parents to Understand Their Trans* or Nonbinary Gen Z Teen

Introduction Feeling lost with Gen Z slang? OK boomer, let’s dive in! Greetings, fellow parent of a teenager. Do you ever find yourself utterly baffled when your teen starts speaking in what appears to be an alien language? You’re in good company. Welcome to the wild and wacky world of...
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Embracing Your Transgender Body: Strategies for Finding Peace and Acceptance

Shame is an emotion that is experienced by many people, but it can be particularly acute for those who are marginalized or have been subject to discrimination. For transgender individuals, shame can be a pervasive and complex emotion that can be linked to societal stigma, discrimination, and internalized transphobia. This...
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