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Tips and insights on maintaining mental health for trans, queer, or disabled individuals, including mindfulness, coping skills, self-care, and collective healing.

Person sits at a table with sadness on their face

The Hidden Cost of Holding it All In: Why Expressing Your Feelings is Vital

Sometimes, it feels like the world’s weight is on your shoulders. The emotions you’ve been holding back, the words left unsaid, the experiences you try so hard to forget – all create a difficult burden. I know it’s especially hard when you feel like you constantly need to prove yourself...
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Nurse examining transgender woman at home

Finding a Doctor in British Columbia: A Guide for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Adults

Finding a Gender-Affirming Primary Care Provider in British Columbia: A Comprehensive Guide Navigating the healthcare system is a formidable task for many, but it can be particularly daunting for those seeking gender-affirming care. In recent years, British Columbia has posed specific challenges to its residents due to strains on its...
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Person on their phone has a stressed look on their face as they puff their cheeks

Understanding the Stress Response and How to Recover

Understanding Stress and Its Impact on Health Stress, a seemingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life, can pose significant challenges to our physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s a biological response to perceived threats, designed to help us navigate dangerous situations by triggering our body’s “fight or flight” mode. However, when...
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Circles Overlapping

Beyond the Single Self: Exploring Plurality in Psychotherapy

Unveiling Plurality: A Comprehensive Look at Multiple Identities within the Self Welcome to a journey of understanding plurality, which intrigues and challenges psychotherapy’s conventional understanding of selfhood. In this blog post, we will illuminate the complexities and nuances of plurality – its origins, causes, symbolic representation, and related terminology. This...
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Young person looking away contemplatively while outdoors in the midday sun

Your Emotional Compass: An Exploration of the Window of Tolerance

The moment I discovered the concept of the “Window of Tolerance” was akin to finding a compass in an uncharted wilderness. The magnetic needle of this newfound compass guided me toward understanding my emotional landscape and my capacity to navigate life’s turbulence. I recall instances when my emotional terrain was...
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Teen struggles to figure out what to do, sits on the ground and thinks

Conquering Task Avoidance: A Realistic Guide for Adults with ADHD

Tackle Your Tasks Head-On and Reclaim Control If you’re an adult with ADHD, you’ve probably faced the all-too-familiar struggle of avoiding tasks, both big and small. It’s not uncommon to find yourself procrastinating or simply feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of getting started. The good news is that you’re...
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Tired person looks at a laptop screen with hands supporting head

Adult ADHD Uncovered: Recognizing the Signs, Addressing Comorbidities, and Embracing the Journey

Understanding ADHD in Adults: More Than Just a Childhood Condition Debunking the Myth: ADHD is Not Just for Kids Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often associated with children who struggle to behave or pay attention in school. However, it’s crucial to recognize that ADHD doesn’t just disappear as a child...
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Two groups of people look at each other

Challenging the Invisible: Addressing Unconscious Bias and Fostering Inclusivity for Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals

Throughout my career, my personal life, my attempts to access gender-affirming care, and in my pursuit of education, I have faced the challenge of naming invisible forms of discrimination. Such energy and focus have undoubtedly made my journey challenging and, at times, disheartening. As someone who has experienced the effects...
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Young couple holding keys to their new apartment

How Online Therapy Can Support You During Major Life Transitions

Throughout my life, I’ve faced several significant turning points, and during these challenging moments, the support of my therapist has been invaluable. Whether it was relocating to a new country, embarking on a new career, or coming out, having an unbiased professional to help me navigate these complex life transitions...
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Portrait of shocked student taking a test

Managing Test Anxiety: Empowering Yourself with Consistent Study Habits, Relaxation Skills, and Positive Thinking

When I was young and in school, I experienced intense test anxiety, primarily due to the fact that tests were administered in small print and with very limited time to complete them. As a visually impaired test taker, I found myself constantly having to advocate for my rights and request...
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