trauma therapy
Person stares out into the world with a look of sadness

Understanding Trauma Recovery: A Guide to the Three Phases of Healing

Trauma deeply affects individuals by disrupting the vital social systems of care, protection, and meaning that underpin human life. In this blog post, we will explore the recovery process, which centers on empowering survivors and rebuilding relationships to reconstruct these essential systems. Recovery generally progresses through three stages: establishing safety,...
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The Body’s Wisdom: Learning to Trust Yourself through Mindfulness and Compassion

Trauma can manifest in many different ways, from physical symptoms like headaches and chronic pain to emotional responses like anxiety and depression. However, trauma can also have a profound impact on our relationship with our bodies and internal sensations. Many trauma survivors struggle with feeling disconnected from their bodies, which...
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Empowering Agency Over Traumatic Experiences Through Creative Expression

Traumatic experiences are, unfortunately, a part of life for many individuals. These experiences can have a profound and long-lasting impact on a person’s mental and physical health, as well as their ability to form meaningful relationships with others. However, recent research has shown that creative expression can be a powerful...
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LGBTQ2S counselling and art therapy

Restoring the Brain-Body Connection: How Interpersonal Neurobiology Helps Us Heal

The therapeutic relationship refers to the close and consistent communication that builds an alliance between you and your psychotherapist. This professional rapport is essential to build understanding and trust; work effectively and efficiently on your mental health concerns; and, as a result, gain more power to achieve significant measurable results....
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