Pride Month
A hand touches a doorknob to open the door to the outside world

The Underrepresented Side of Pride: Standing with Trans* and Nonbinary Individuals Amidst Increased Scrutiny

Understanding Pride Month: Celebration, Inclusion, and Challenge Pride Month, celebrated annually in June, is pivotal for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a time when the whole world sees, hears, and acknowledges the rich diversity within this community, a time when love is celebrated in all its myriad forms. However, amidst the...
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A row of the different colourful micro fibre rags

The Dangers of Rainbow-Washing: Confronting Superficial LGBTQ+ Allyship from Capitalism to Slacktivism

Rainbow Deception: Unraveling Corporate and Public Rainbow-Washing Amidst Pride Month Celebrations As June announces its arrival, the corporate landscape undergoes a striking transformation. Marketing strategies are suddenly flush with vibrant optimism, design departments are resuscitated with electrifying colour palettes, and finance specialists vigorously project potential profits from this technicolour season....
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LGBT Pride Month 2023 with the colours of the Progress Pride Flag in the background

The Journey of Pride: A Celebration of Queer Joy and Resilience

June is upon us, and it ushers in a vibrant month-long celebration that dances across the spectrum of human experience—Pride Month. This special time of the year invites us to reflect, learn, share, and, most importantly, celebrate the rich history, the poignant struggles, the notable victories, and the undeniable vitality...
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