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Nurse examining transgender woman at home

Finding a Doctor in British Columbia: A Guide for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Adults

Finding a Gender-Affirming Primary Care Provider in British Columbia: A Comprehensive Guide Navigating the healthcare system is a formidable task for many, but it can be particularly daunting for those seeking gender-affirming care. In recent years, British Columbia has posed specific challenges to its residents due to strains on its...
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A person poses with a journal in hand

Gender-Affirming Healthcare Coverage in Canada: A Guide for Two-Spirit, Transgender, and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

Introduction Canada is recognized for its comprehensive healthcare system, but how does it serve Two-Spirit, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals seeking gender-affirming care? This article provides an overview of gender-affirming healthcare coverage in Canada and highlights important resources for accessing care. Understanding Gender-Affirming Care Gender-affirming care involves medical and psychological...
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Happy transman smiling cheerfully

Embarking on Your Journey: A Guide to Masculinizing Hormone Therapy for Trans and Nonbinary Individuals

Introduction A warm welcome to all our transgender and gender-nonconforming readers who are considering or curious about masculinizing hormone therapy. This blog post is written with you in mind, focusing on the unique needs and concerns of those in the early stages of transition or still questioning their gender identity....
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Headshot of serious young trans man with hand on chin

Making an Informed Decision: A Guide to Three Common Approaches to Phalloplasty Surgery

Phalloplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the construction or reconstruction of a penis for transgender individuals. This surgery is a significant step for many trans people seeking to align their body with their gender identity. Phalloplasty can also be a complex and invasive procedure that requires careful consideration...
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