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This specialized practice has one clear mission: to support the health, harmony, and mental well-being of queer, trans, nonbinary, gender expansive, and LGBTQ-curious adults in Toronto and across Ontario.

Clayre works intently to create a safe and welcoming space to address mental health concerns that can arise for LGBTQ adults in these challenging times. Drawing upon her training and experience as a queer and trans woman with a disability, she offers virtual therapy for individuals that is warm, personable, and rooted in queer- and gender-affirming best practices, ensuring a precise attunement for growth, healing, or change.

Online therapy with Clayre is collaborative and adaptable to fit your goals for therapy, planned to help you navigate the complexities of your life without the need for you to provide unnecessary explanations about your orientation or identity. You’ll work together in the present moment to support your well-being, whether addressing mental health concerns or finding new ways to improve yourself in work, life, and relationships.

Discover the path to enhanced well-being with Clayre Sessoms, RP—your dedicated online therapist in Ontario. specializing in LGBTQ advocacy, gender-affirming care, and trauma-informed innovation.

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Meet Your Therapist

Registered Psychotherapist RP #13869 and Registered Art Therapist ATR-P #24-103

About Your Queer and Trans Therapist in Toronto, Ontario

Clayre Sessoms, RP is an online therapist for LGBTQ adults who works on the unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations of the Coast Salish People. She holds qualifications in psychotherapy in ON, clinical counselling in BC and NS, and art therapy throughout Canada and the US. Her professional practice is informed by her graduate studies at Adler University and enriched through diverse clinical experiences working with individuals marginalized by gender in the Downtown Eastside; LGBTQ adults accessing counselling from BC’s queer, trans, and Two-Spirit resource centre; and trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive adults recovering from sexualized violence. Clayre offers online therapy for LGBTQ adults that’s grounded in evidence-based practices and inspired by body-centred therapy, the Gender Freedom Model, and trauma-informed care. Her earlier career in massage therapy and yoga have complemented her awareness of nervous system activation, neuroscience, and restorative practices. During the past five years, she has learned from advanced training, clinical supervision, and ongoing mentorship in EMDR, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment, and various expressive arts therapies.

A full-hearted, humorous, and relatable psychotherapist

Working with Clayre often feels like reuniting with an old friend who brings not only warmth and humour to each session but also clinical wisdom that has been honed over years in the psychotherapy field. Her online therapy sessions blend planned therapeutic goals with the flexibility to pivot toward spontaneous insights that emerge in the present moment, recognizing and honouring the fluid dynamics that often accompany growth, healing, and change. Clayre’s relational and experiential approach on online therapy for LGBT adults fosters a safe and welcoming space where laughter can be as healing as tears, and where every conversation, whether light-hearted or deeply sincere, is anchored in therapeutic rapport and earned trust. This balance of structured and spontaneous interaction makes therapy with Clayre not just engaging but also comforting. As you navigate your path with her, each session is a step forward with a compassionate guide who celebrates your full self in ways that encourage you to explore and embrace every part of your journey.

Clayre's Therapeutic Philosophy for 2SLGBTQIA+ Adults

Clayre integrates a dynamic mix of evidence-based practices and transformative personal experiences to create a uniquely tailored therapy experience for 2SLGBTQIA+ adults. Her approach embodies holistic healing that incorporates both the mind and body for a comprehensive recovery and growth pathway. A cornerstone of her practice is the innovative Gender Freedom Model, which reframes TGNB experiences from common narratives of distress to ones of empowerment and self-affirmation. By focusing on the three pillars of Play, Pleasure, and Possibility, this model allows clients to explore gender transition with joy and confidence, rather than through a lens of pathology.

This approach not only helps in building practical skills for navigating growth or change but also fosters a sense of personal and collective pride. It emphasizes pleasure equity, ensuring that clients experience joy and satisfaction as integral components of their journey. In therapy sessions, Clayre combines these principles with techniques from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Focusing Oriented Therapy, and Hakomi, enhancing the therapeutic experience by addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological needs concurrently. This synthesis of methods cultivates a space where clients are empowered to play an active role in their healing, leading to more sustainable outcomes.

Through her client-centred approach, Clayre creates a nurturing space that encourages clients to embrace their full identities, promoting resilience and stabilization within a framework of trauma-informed care. This not only reinforces the healing potential of individual sessions but also builds a foundation for enduring transformation and well-being.

Your Safe 2SLGBTQ+ Space for Growth, Healing, and Change

Begin online therapy with support from Clayre, a Registered Psychotherapist who brings a unique combination of clinical knowledge and personal empathy to every session. Clayre creates a supportive and welcoming space, respecting the unique experiences of each client. Her approach integrates evidence-based practices with feminist and body-based therapeutic techniques that aim to uplift the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. With Clayre, you’re not just going through therapy; you’re engaging in a transformative experience that reflects your goals for therapy and encourages personal growth.

Explore the Clayre Sessoms Psychotherapy blog for questions to ask during your first online therapy session.

50-minute Standard Therapy Session for LGBTQ Adults ($200)

Ideal for weekly appointments, this 5o-minute online therapy session utilizes techniques from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Hakomi, and Focusing-Oriented Therapy to support your well-being.

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80-minute Extended Therapy Session for LGBTQ Adults ($320)

Perfect for deeper exploration in follow-up care, this extended 80-minute online therapy session provides ample time to explore processing techniques, such as EMDR and Trauma-informed Stabilization Treatment.

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100-minute In-Depth Therapy Session for LGBTQ Adults ($400)

This 100-minute online psychotherapy session is designed for EMDR or complex cases needing extra processing, employing time-sensitive therapeutic modalities for deeper work or expansive care.

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50-minute Online Art Therapy Session for LGBTQ Adults ($200)

Explore emotions creatively in this session that integrates guided drawing and Sensorimotor Art Therapy, tailored to address helpful insights and administered by a Registered Art Therapist (ATR-P).

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Online Hormone Conversation for 2STGNC+ Adults in ON ($400)

A thoughtful conversation about hormone replacement therapy for trans* adults needing a letter for gender-affirming hormone therapy, using a personable, compassionate, and WPATH SOC8-aligned approach.

Book your 100-minute hormone readiness assessment.

Online Surgery Conversation for 2STGNC+ Adults in ON ($320)

This assessment offers a thoughtful exploration for adults seeking a recommendation letter for gender-affirming surgery, ensuring preparedness and support through a caring, WPATH SOC8-aligned approach.

Call to book your 80-minute surgery conversation.
Clayre has navigated life as a queer, visibly trans woman with a physical disability, experiencing firsthand the challenges of existing in spaces that often seemed unwelcoming or unaccommodating. Driven by her journey towards justice and belonging, her online therapy practice is a direct extension of her own experiences and the guiding wisdom of crip queer mentors. This space is not just a place for therapy but a sanctuary created by and for those at the intersection of marginalization—celebrating crip, queer, and trans joy, and advocating for radical justice.

Here, Clayre is dedicated to fostering a healing environment that promotes resilience and emphasizes the power of community care. She invites you to join this collective space, where together, you can pursue restoration, reclamation, and personal liberation. Engage with Clayre’s supportive guidance as you navigate your own path toward growth and transformation, finding strength and solidarity by working together in community.

Therapeutic Frameworks

Body-centred Approach

Rooted in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and Hakomi, which encourage safe and gentle experiential collaboration. This approach aims to strengthen present-moment awareness, felt sense, and agency. We work toward restoration and reclamation.

Gender Freedom Model

The Gender Freedom Model (McDaniel, 2021) focuses on Play, Pleasure, and Possibility to support TGNB and questioning folks with practical skills that promote pride and pleasure through a strengths-based, evidence-supported approach for a positive gender transition.

Trauma-informed Care

Building on the Trauma-Informed Stabilization Technique by Dr. Janina Fisher, we help you identify the ongoing impacts of past harm. We help you develop new coping strategies that forge a pathway toward stabilization and healing through compassionate and responsive care.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your therapy sessions may be booked online. This requires you to create a free Jane App account.


We meet weekly or bi-weekly. Due to high demand, we have a limited number of monthly spots.


The full session fee is required when canceling or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your session.


We issue receipts by email for you to submit for reimbursement. We do not directly bill insurers.


$200 per 50-minute standard therapy session for 2SLGBTQIA+ adults. Extended sessions are available.

Low-cost Therapy

25% of our practice is low-cost, and our waitlist is full. View our resources page for low-barrier options.

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Take the first step toward healing and empowerment by booking a session tailored to your unique needs. Clayre offer a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your emotions, develop new coping skills, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you're seeking psychotherapy utilizing modalities like Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR, engaging in art therapy for creative expression, or navigating gender-affirming care with a WPATH GEI SOC8 certified member, Clayre is here to guide you every step of the way.

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