Your First Online Therapy Session

Your telehealth appointment has been booked and now you’re thinking about how your first video session might go. This blog post covers the basics.

Firstly, your session occurs through Jane App’s new video conferencing feature. I’ll send you a link by email to sign up for Jane App and complete your intake form online. You’ll sign in to Jane App from your web browser and access the link to start your video therapy session. Make sure your microphone and video have connected.

As a woman who is white, trans, queer, and a person with a physical disability, I’m mindful of the need for you and me to feel safe, seen, and heard in therapy. I state my pronouns and give you a chance to share yours with me. We introduce ourselves, sharing aspects of our social location that may support us during our work together.

Next, we discuss responses written on the intake form you completed online. This gives you a chance to share any permanent details and it gives me a chance to get a sense of what brings you to therapy with me. Then, we go over confidentiality, consent, and basic guidelines for ensuring a professional and ethical therapeutic relationship.

We continue with a conversation that reveals what’s been on your mind, what needs to change for you, and what you hope to work through during your online therapy sessions with me. I may share what has inspired me to do this work, including my training in Focusing Oriented Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®, and Narrative Therapy.

Finally, near the end of our session is a good time to assess how we’re a good fit. This is the time to ask questions. If you’d like to continue working with me weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we’ll book your next session by video. You’ll receive an email that confirms your next appointment’s date and time.