Workplace and Professional Life

Address the unique challenges transgender and gender-questioning individuals may face in professional settings, including disclosure, discrimination, and fostering inclusive work environments.

Tired trans person on a trail in the forest

Debunking Myths and Discrimination: The Case for Trans Women Inclusion in Elite Sports

The issue of transgender athletes and their participation in elite sports has been debated for many years. Recently, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) commissioned a scientific review to explore whether transgender women have an unfair advantage in sports competitions due to their biological makeup. The report, which...
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Where Trans Protections are Being Strengthened: A Look at the Positive Side of Trans Rights in America

In recent years, the rights of transgender individuals in the United States have come under attack, with an unprecedented wave of legislation seeking to limit their rights and freedoms. However, despite the surge of restrictions on trans rights in some states, there has also been a clear growth in protective...
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A person holds a sign that reads I was born this way.

Breaking Down the Surge of Anti-Transgender Legislation in the US

The ongoing wave of anti-transgender legislation sweeping across the United States has become a major cause for concern, with many activists and experts warning that such measures are harmful to transgender people and represent a major setback for LGBTQ+ rights. The Washington Post recently reported that dozens of anti-transgender bills...
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Shot of the transgender flag blowing in the wind at street

The Origins of Anti-Trans Legislation in the US: How it Started and Why it Continues

In recent years, the United States has seen a surge of legislation seeking to restrict the rights of transgender people. From bathroom bills to gender-affirming care bans to laws prohibiting trans girls from playing on girls’ sports teams, these measures have been met with controversy, protests, and legal challenges. But...
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Hispanic transgender woman in a wheelchair at work

Creating a Trans*-Inclusive Workplace: Key Steps to Support and Empower Trans* Employees

Introduction The Crucial Role of Trans Inclusion in the Workplace In today’s evolving business landscape, nurturing an inclusive workplace extends beyond social justice—it’s a vital component of a thriving organization. Often overlooked, transgender inclusion is integral to this inclusivity equation. Despite considerable public advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, many corporate environments...
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