Gender Transition Support

Blog posts about the emotional and psychological challenges of transitioning and how somatic psychotherapy can support individuals during this process.

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Navigating Name and Gender Marker Changes in BC: A Guided Resource

If you’re new to my website after googling gender-affirming care, you might be considering or actively planning to update your legal name and gender marker. Often seen as a practical step in affirming your identity, this process can sometimes be overshadowed by its bureaucratic and legal intricacies. I want you...
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The Rarely Understood Intersectional Journey: A Guide to Navigating Disability and Gender Transition in Ableist Times

Exploring the Intersectionality of Disability and Gender Transition: An Introduction Welcome. Today, we’re delving into a topic of vital importance that often remains overlooked—the intersectionality between disability and gender transition. To those who may be encountering this term for the first time, “intersectionality” refers to the interconnectedness of social identities...
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A Gentle Journey: Cultivating Self-Compassion During Gender Transition

Introduction: The Dance of Self-Compassion and Gender Transition When I first began my journey of gender transition, I found myself stepping onto a dance floor of self-discovery, teeming with the excitement of finally becoming my true self. Yet, this dance was not a simple waltz but a complex tango filled...
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Friends embracing and smiling as they both look at the camera

Embracing the Journey: Understanding the Emotions—Including the Joy—of Gender Transition

Unveiling the Emotional Tapestry of Gender Transition Embarking on a journey of gender transition is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Each individual’s path is unique, interwoven with their emotions, discoveries, and life experiences. As a gender transition coach, I have been granted a unique window into these incredible journeys....
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Creating a Personalized Gender Transition Timeline: Listing Some of the Most Common Steps to Consider

Embarking on your gender transition journey can be a daunting experience. I remember when I began my own transition back in 2013; there were only a handful of wonderful trans* and queer people sharing their lived experiences on YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr. Although these stories provided some guidance, there was...
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Social Butterflies: Overcoming Challenges in Social Situations During Gender Transition

Introduction Welcome to this guide on navigating social situations and events during your transition. This post is intended for anyone who is trans* and considering or beginning to socially transition, which includes coming out to friends, changing pronouns, altering gender expression, and coming out to everyone else. We understand that...
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Hormone Readiness Assessment in BC: A Quick Guide for Starting HRT in BC

Nearly ten years ago, when I first reached out to a Registered Psychologist about a hormone therapy assessment, the landscape of transgender healthcare was quite different. I remember feeling uncertain and overwhelmed about the process, unsure of what steps to take or where to find the information I needed. Today,...
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Gender Therapy Demystified: A Roadmap to Exploring, Naming, and Affirming Your Gender

Introduction Did you know that questioning your gender is a completely normal and even healthy part of discovering who you are? It’s true. Exploring and understanding your gender identity can be a deeply personal and transformative experience, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life. And guess what? It doesn’t...
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New Fertility Options for Trans Women and Transfeminine Individuals: A Path to Parenthood

Ten years ago, transgender women faced a very different landscape when it came to fertility options. Primary care physicians often did not provide information on fertility preservation or treatment, leaving many trans women in the dark about their options. Furthermore, provincial health services and private insurance coverage were lacking, making...
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Trans Women and the Perils of Pumping: A Call for Safe and Accessible Healthcare

The lack of accessible and affordable gender-affirming healthcare options poses a significant challenge for transgender women seeking to transition. High out-of-pocket costs associated with gender transition procedures can create immense financial barriers, leaving many trans women feeling desperate to find alternative ways to feel complete in their bodies. Furthermore, societal...
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